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Partial Denture

Partial dentures take the place of only a few teeth and prevent the others from changing position. Removable partial dentures consist of a resin base, artificial teeth, and a metal clasp fixed on a metal frame or resin base.

There are different types of removable partial dentures including acrylic base, cast metal, flexible framework.

         Cast Metal                       Resin Base      





 Advantages of Partial Dentures:

  • Give confidence

  • They are removable

  • Keep natural teeth in position

  • Feel more natural when eating and speaking and looks more natural

  • Able to eat a wider variety of foods




 Disadvantages of Partial Dentures:

  • Clasps will be required to hold the removable partial in place, and it may not be possible or practical to conceal those.

  • Cast Metal is expensive.  



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